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2017 May 27 - June 24 (Umm Al-Qura) (Ramadan 2017) The  
explanation of Ramzan and the Quran Muslims believe that, in this month, the Qur'an is descended. On the 27th night of this month, the Shab-e-Qadr is called Nuzul (Quran) of the Qur'an. For this reason, reading more of the Qur'an in this month is considered virtuous. The Qur'an is read in the month of Tarawih. Those who do not read the Qur'an read the time to listen to the Quran.

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Ramadan (Ramadan 2017)   Ramzan and Fast (Rosa) 
the month of Ramadan is sometimes 29 days and sometimes 30 days. Have fast in this month. Fasting is called "Saum" in Arabic, hence this month is also called Maha-e-Siyam in Arabic. Fasting is called fast in Persian. Due to the Persian influence on India's Muslim community, Persian is used only for fasting.

When Is Ramadan 2017 - Ramadan date this year 

Ramadan date 2017 when is ramadan

Ramadan fastens on the fast on the day before sunrise, which is called Sahari. Do not eat or drink a few days throughout the day. In the evening after sunset, they open the rasa, which is called the Euphrasia. 

Ramadan (Ramadan 2017)   Ramzan and so many other things 
have been called Ramzan for the righteous days. The way season is visible everywhere on every side. Colorful flowers appear on every side. Similarly, Ramzan also has come out on good people. A person who is away from the idol of ordinary people also becomes a goddess in Ramadan. This is the month of patience and the revenge of patience is born. 

This month is the month of sympathy with the poor and needy people of the society. In this month, the donor's forgiveness of the person who makes it a goal is forgiven. Prophet Mohammad Sall. Someone from your companion asked - If any of us does not have such a scope, then iftar is given by a date or water. 

This month is the month of helping the peculiar people. Ramadan gives us many great hadiths and we keep reading and listening but we also do it. With honesty, please take a look at us, should we really do the same kind of love and friendly people? By giving only a handful, we understand that we have paid our rights.

More About Ramadan 2017 

When it comes to the way of Allah, only a few rupees get out of our pockets, but when we go to the market for shopping, we spend thousands there. If some needy comes to us then at that time we miss our many needs. It has to be taken, that is to take it, There is a shortage of things in the house. Just do not take the name of our wishes to end. 

Take a look at our sister's shopping in particular, how much she spends on her clothes. Just stop and think many of us needy people are present in the world who do not have clothes to cover their tone. 

If we reduce our needs and aspirations in this month and give this amount to the needy, then it will be the best thing for us and the seeds of stitches. Because the success of a goodness done this month is multiplied and multiplied by Allah. 

Mohammed Sall has said that all the previous sins will be forgiven for the person who has kept the faith and eats (with his self) in the daily prayers. Rosa prepares us to confiscate securities. Creates surveillance in us. But as soon as the month of Ramadan is coming, In people's jaw, there is a variety of spicy and delicious food.