Ramadan 2017 Danmark Kalender

There are about 280,000 Muslims in Denmark, which is approximately 5% of the entire population. The 3rd most followed religion and dates instead of the local moon sighting in Saudi Arabia AH Denmark follows. The first day of Ramadan fasting on 26th May evening in 2017 as the moon KSA can be easily seen, is confirmed to be on May 27th. Now they can not be confirmed on June 24th evening how long it will be very minor chances of Shawwal Ramadan visibility while. Otherwise, Ramadan 1438 will have 30 days and will end on Sunday, June 25 (dates may vary)

Ramadan 2017 Kalender Danmark With Suhoor & Iftar Times

Calculation Method: Muslim World League 
RamadanDateDaySuhoor Times
Iftar Times
127th MaySaturday02:29 AM09:34 PM
228th MaySunday02:29 AM09:36 PM
329th MayMonday02:28 AM09:37 PM
430th MayTuesday02:28 AM09:39 PM
531st MayWednesday02:28 AM09:40 PM
61st JuneThursday02:27 AM09:41 PM
72nd JuneFriday02:27 AM09:43 PM
83rd JuneSaturday02:27 AM09:44 PM
94th JuneSunday02:26 AM09:45 PM
105th JuneMonday02:26 AM09:46 PM
116th JuneTuesday02:26 AM09:48 PM
127th JuneWednesday02:26 AM09:49 PM
138th JuneThursday02:26 AM09:50 PM
149th JuneFriday02:25 AM09:51 PM
1510th JuneSaturday02:25 AM09:52 PM
1611th JuneSunday02:25 AM09:53 PM
1712th JuneMonday02:25 AM09:53 PM
1813th JuneTuesday02:25 AM09:54 PM
1914th JuneWednesday02:25 AM09:55 PM
2015th JuneThursday02:25 AM09:55 PM
2116th JuneFriday02:25 AM09:56 PM
2217th JuneSaturday02:25 AM09:57 PM
2318th JuneSunday02:25 AM09:57 PM
2419th JuneMonday02:25 AM09:57 PM
2520th JuneTuesday02:26 AM09:58 PM
2621st JuneWednesday02:26 AM09:58 PM
2722nd JuneThursday02:26 AM09:58 PM
2823rd JuneFriday02:26 AM09:58 PM
2924th JuneSaturday02:26 AM09:58 PM
End Ramadan dates Danmark(Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Billund, Roskilde, Esbjerg, Heming, Vejle, Ribe, Skagen, Elsinore, Silkeborg, Hirtshals, Hillerød, Nyborg, Eroskobing, Aabenraa, Faaborg, Kolding, etc.)
25th JuneSunday02:27 AM09:58 PM
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Ramadan kalender 2017 Danmark