The Book Of Fasting for Ramadan Month

Book fast for Ramadan

Al-Muwatta. Imam Malik. Book XVIII
A man who's bleeding fast
John kept me from Nafi from Abdullah ibn Umar Malik fasting, when used for blood to flow. Nafi said: "After he stopped doing it, and until he broke his fast, he did not bleed."
Yahya Ibn Shihab, Malik had me and Abdullah bin Saad bin Abi Waqas be used when fast for blood to flow.
John Hisham ibn Urwah is used for the blood of his father related to me from Malik that he fasted and did not break his fast. Hisham had said: "I only fast and flowing blood."
Malik said, "which violence is condemnable just fasting for fear that they will weaken, and it was not for that, it deserves a man Ramadan do not think that I will not condemn the day during which there is bleeding and broken, something is owed, and I do not say that the day of fasting is at risk is reproachable for someone who, because to make sangria I need to recover was made sangria., and is sufficient to continue the fast until the right night, they give nothing, nor do they have to recover it. "

Fasting the day of Ashura
(Tenth day of Muharram)
Yahya related to me from Malik Ata's wife Aisha Muhammad Hisham from his father, God bless him and grant him peace yahiliyya may be over, used to fast on this day. Later, the Messenger of Allah bless him, God may grant peace he came to Madinah, he fasted and ordered to fast. Then the necessity of the Ashura day of Ramadan, and it became obligatory fast (duty), but who wanted to fast in this, and who would not. "
3. 4
Yahya Ibn Shihab, heard Malik bin Humayd me Rahman bin Auf that Muawiya ibn Abi Ashura day Sufyan year they say mimbar a rabbit: "Where people of Medina have you knowledge of Allah men heard, Allah bless him and grant peace can say about it is, to this day: "it is the day of Ashura, and fasting it has not been made mandatory. I am fasting it, and whoever does not want to fast can you on this, and that person does not need to do that. "
Yahya Rahman was related to me from Malik sent heard that Umar ibn al-Khattab al Hariz ibn Hisham (the following message), "Tomorrow is so fast, the day of Ashura (this) and tell it fast your family (it). "

Eid al-Fitr and the day of fasting,
And the consecutive
Yahya Abu Huraira Allah bin Mohammad from Aray Ibn Hanbal the Prophet related to me from Malik, may Allah bless him and forbade fasting two days that could give peace Fitr and Eid days Adha.
Yahya Rahman said he learned about my country, "Fasting constantly, until the Messenger of Allah fasting days as one is broken, God bless him, and when it is able to give peace there used to hear there is not, forbade fasting, that, on the day of Fitr and the day of Adhah Minah, is that we have heard. "
Malik said, "This is what I prefer to hear about it."

Two consecutive days of prohibition
Or more, (death) without a break between them
Abdullah Yahya related to me from Nafi from Allah, Rehman Malik, may Allah bless him and grant him peace without breaking between the two, for two consecutive days, or for more forbade fasting. He said: "But, Messenger of Allah, you pracitcas death". He said Allah bless him and I can give peace, replied, "I'm not like you. I fed and watered him."
Beware of Yahya Abu Huraira Allah bless him, God may grant peace that God said to me from Malik from Abu'z Zinad Aray "The death of the children died." He said: "But you practice God's messenger of death." God bless him and grant him peace, said, "You, my Lord, I am not like that. The drinking enta and I was saying."

To a fast death by mistake or
Dhihar formula divorce
Yahya related to me, and I say to myself, Malik, "in any two consecutive months for important day for the people heard about it in the wrong shot or a if severe falls ill and heard declare dhihar formula divorce when to break his fast, he is strong enough to recover from his illness and fasting should be shelved (maintenance of fasting) where point he resumed his fast to his left.
"Mistakenly Similarly, a woman because I killed that fast any day as its maintenance should not be postponed as he was pure after this period. He left the point where It must fast from the start.
"No one can break the fast for two consecutive months, according to the Book of Allah is.