What Does Allah Says About Ramadan Month in Quran

What God says in the Quran about Ramadan

[33.35] Allah prepared forgiveness and Muslims and Muslims, believers and faithful devotees and devotees, sincere and honest, who among the patients and the patients, which is a great reward for the humble and submissive slaves who fast, pure and chaste those who remember Allah much.

[2,183] O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, was exactly the same as those prescribed for those before you. Maybe, like, fear God.

[2,187] fasting during the month of the night to unite with their lawful wives: they are a garment for you and you for them. Allah knows that you deceive yourself. He said that you come back and forgive you. So to go with them and seek what God has said. Eat and distinguish a white thread from a black thread drink until dawn. Then observe a strict fast until night falls. And do not touch them while you are in retreat in the mosques. These are the laws of God, do not approach them. So God makes clear His signs to men. Maybe, well, fear Him.
[2,185] It has been revealed as clear as a direction and the direction and principles for the men in the month of Ramadan. And the month of you, it would be that fast in this. And who is equal to the number of sick days or travel. God wants to make it easy and not difficult. Complete set number of days and praise to God for your leadership! Perhaps, therefore, be grateful.
[97.1] We have sent it down in the Night of Destiny.

[2,184] days count. The number of travel days and sick or those of you who are equal. And those who, if they can not fast, can make itself by feeding a poor man. And then, so it is better to spontaneously good. But it is better to keep the fast. If you knew ...

[2,189] They ask about Novilunians. Say: "They are indications that men serve to fix the time of Hajj." Sadly, that does not enter the house from the back. But if you fear God. The house doors, and fear God. Perhaps, therefore, will give you success.

[44.3] We revealed it on a blessed night! We warned! [44.4] is decided in all cases.

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[97.1] We have sent it down in the Night of Destiny. [97.2] and the fate of the night, you know how? [97.3] night is worth more than a thousand months. [97.4] in order to descend the angels and the Spirit of the Lord to fix everything. [97.5] This is the light of the peace of the night, in the morning!